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We designed Haven & Florin carry goods with a balance of modern functionality and traditional aesthetics. Simple yet innovative features allow our products to be versatile in any environment—an indispensable companion for everyday use. For creatives, travelers, professionals, students, and explorers, we understand that “everyday use” can range from a rain-soaked hike to a trip on the subway. With military spec materials, thoughtful compartments, and sleek design, Haven & Florin carry goods are designed to fit the needs of the modern explorer. Our philosophy is to overbuild our products with the best and most trusted materials.


Our story

James Chu founded Haven & Florin in 2014. Drawn to nature, exploration, and creativity, he traveled the country for years with his vintage 1970s rucksack before it finally fell apart. While in the market for a new backpack he thought about the deficiencies of packs he’d owned and the experiences he had with them. From misplacing keys in an overly-pocketed tactical backpack to padding a gym bag with sweatshirts to disguise and protect his DSLR, he realized he had never owned a backpack that suited his needs perfectly. After the market validated he wasn’t the only one with this problem, he set off to create his own solution.

James spent more than a year learning product development, sewing, touring manufacturing plants, and sourcing materials on his own in the span of countless all nighters —that’s the short version. This journey of learning and following his passions lead to the creation of Haven & Florin.



It took more than a year of visiting manufacturing plants across the country, examining their processes and asking questions before finding the right partner. Located in California, our manufacturer has been in operation for almost 30 years. They specialize in manufacturing soft goods for the military and coast guard including protective bags for cutting-edge medical equipment. Their extensive knowledge and experience working with military spec materials and construction methods has been invaluable to the product we’re able to create for our customers.

In addition to manufacturing in the United States, and as a conscious effort to support American manufacturing and jobs, we go through great lengths to find materials that are made in the U.S. We take no shortcuts while sourcing materials. After selection, we rigorously test them for performance. Our standards are based on strength-to-weight ratio, long-term durability, and water resistance. Only those that meet or exceed our standards make it into our products. All materials used in the construction of our bags are from trusted manufacturers with proven reputations.




We have made every effort to ensure our backpacks are to built to last. If your backpack ever breaks down, we've got you covered.  Be sure to check out our warranty.