When I was young I was always fascinated with McDonald's Happy Meals and the experience their packaging created. The toy was usually the main reason why I wanted a Happy Meal, but the packaging presentation made it an unforgettable experience for me because it felt like I was opening a special gift every time. I believe that this experience, the packing, is what made Happy Meals so much more successful than its competitors. Since then, I've always been a packaging geek. I have a closet full of boxes, hang tags, and packaging that I thought was cool and created an experience.

To me, I consider every supporter of Haven & Florin as a friend. What do we do for our friends? We get them gifts in times of celebration. I want to create a similar experience for the friends of Haven & Florin. When you buy a bag, I want it to be unforgettable and I want us to celebrate all the new adventures you'll embark on with your new travel companion.



Everyone I asked considers a product hang tag as a disposable item. Sure, some look awesome and tells a compelling story, but most consumers will toss it as soon as they cut it off. I wanted to challenge the disposable mindset by designing ours to have a purpose after our product finds a new home. Our hang tags are custom luggage tags we had manufactured for us in the USA. Flip the warranty card to fill out your information for the luggage tag. Reuse it for all your travels.


Hand wrapped and hand signed. Ready to ship out to a new home. This particular one will be a companion in Iceland.


James Chu

Thanks to Terren for signing the card for us and my brother Jason for wrapping the bags in these photos!