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Hi world,

I'm a huge fan of behind the scenes posts on brand blogs because I like being able to follow their story and see it grow -- most importantly, I like to know that there's real people behind the brand. Recently, I've been asked by a bunch of people to do this as well because they find it fascinating whenever I talk to them about the countless little things I'm doing to get this company up and going. For example, my friends want me to write a post on what it's like working a full-time day job and then spending another 8 hours on Haven & Florin everyday. I've always wanted to start a journal for Haven & Florin just to document and share our weekly progress, insights, and all the behind the scenes content but I was discouraged because I am a terrible writer.  I finally decided to say screw it and go for it. I'm going to keep this 100% casual and candid (with impending grammatical errors and all). Welcome to the new Haven & Florin journal!

James C.