I met Dave, creator of Best Supply Co, recently through Instagram. We decided to meet up for a couple beers and that's when he told me he's putting together a curated makers market at Identity Coffee. He invited Haven & Florin to be a part of it but the catch was that it's only a week away. I've never done a pop up shop before and I thought this would be a great opportunity to debut the Catskill Ruckpack to the locals. I didn't have anything other than the packs and so I ended up designing and rush ordering a few hats and shirts (one of them is a collaboration with my friend Ryan) because I didn't think anyone would spend $250. Well, I was completely wrong.

I was a bit nervous at first (naturally) but I loved being able to talk to complete strangers who have absolutely no obligation to say anything nice about our products (sorry, friends!). The event provided me with real world feedback that was absolutely invaluable and luckily, the feedback was all positive. Everyone I spoke to was impressed at the quality and functional design of the pack. Many were surprised by how light it is despite the heavy duty materials we used to overbuild these packs.

The event lasted 8 hours and I had the chance to meet a lot of locals who follow Haven & Florin on Instagram (thanks for coming out!). I want to thank Dave for organizing that event because we gained so much knowledge, feedback, inspiration, and new support through it. If you're a brand or maker out there, I highly encourage you to join a makers market/pop up market because you can get so much out of it!

As always, thanks for roaming with us.


James Chu

Shout out to @potatoislike for the photo and helping out at the event!