Three years ago I came up with the idea for Haven & Florin while sitting in a cubicle. Two years ago I decided to chase after this dream and so I moved to New York City with my two siblings to learn the skills to make it happen because I had zero experience in product design. A year ago I launched a Kickstarter campaign that was unsuccessful. Tonight, I am writing this email to tell you that despite all the challenges, it’s finally happening.
Haven & Florin is launching.

I learned an immense amount of knowledge and skills over the years to make Haven & Florin a reality. Almost all of it was learned through hard moments and mistakes. If I can share one bit of valuable advice that I gained, it would be this:

If you truly love something then keep on fighting for it and don't stop.

Over the past three years, I was fortunate enough to have hundreds of people like you who helped inspire me to keep on chasing this dream of mine. This moment isn't just for me, it's for all of us.

Thank you all for roaming with me. This is just the beginning.

James Chu


3:00PM PST