A month ago we sent out surveys to everyone on our mailing list as we begin the next phase of growing Haven & Florin. The objective of the survey was to help us better understand what our customers want and need. We want to create something based around real people with everyday needs. In a week, we got hundreds of survey responses. We can't thank you all enough for the help!

After analyzing the data we gathered, we got to work immediately. The goal for our new products is to explore rounded edges and silhouettes, allowing us to create products with natural flowing lines while maintaining the sleek Haven & Florin minimalist aesthetic. Of course, the back-opening clam shell design will be a standard feature in all our products moving forward.

haven and florin rollpack
haven and florin rollpack

We scheduled a factory visit with our new manufacturing partner the following week to review the techpacks of the new products as well as a nice tour of the facility to meet the skilled people crafting our future products. Our second manufacturing partner is a top military sewing contractor with advanced automated processes that allow us to design products and reinforce areas that are normally extremely difficult to do by hand. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get more than a couple photos of the facility because of security reasons, especially since most of their soft goods are military contracts... Sorry!

haven florin factory
haven florin factory 02
haven florin factory 03